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"Breathtaking color pushed beyond pretty"

- Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

“Glorious – ecstatic, euphoric, life enhancing. Just what the world needs!”

- John Russell, The New York Times

“Smart, sharp, and breathtaking. Eder’s brilliant colors and gestural, dancing brushwork are exuberant”

- Cate McQuaid, Globe Correspondent, Boston Globe

“The strange, dream-like conviction of Douanier Rosseau, the hauntingly vibrant colours of Gauguin, the lyrical flights of exuberance of Chagall, as well as the hints of humour and visual witticisms of Paul Klee or of Miro – all of these painters have in their own way contributed to the kind of painting produced by Esther Garcia Eder: ‘Magic realism’”

 - Maria K. Greenwood, Professor of Art History at the Paris Sorbonne

“Eder paints a world where nature and magic effortlessly converge” Nancy Stapen, The Boston Globe

“Dazzling, sensual, and always beyond expectation” - McQuaid

“This renewed world that Esther Garcia Eder has created, or re-created, for us is movingly confident in its own credibility and in its capacity to answer to our profoundest longings for tenderness and strength” - Greenwood

“Possesses a radiant density, a banked energy, as if the ‘long ago’ and the ‘still to come’ had fused with a ‘now’ invaded by dreams, by wishes coming true before our eyes” - Greenwood

“Eder has an exuberant sense of color and a gestural approach to paint. She uses color as both an agent of drawing and a means to convey emotion, space, and form” - McQuaid

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